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Welcome to WEB Archive of Hungarian Genealogy home page. 

The FORUM and WEB Archive of Hungarian Genealogy has been established to present you with a digital databases when researching in the field of genealogy aimed at greater Hungary. This database will help you, and ease both home and international research by fast and wide-ranging Internet ties.

This initiative is of non-profit character having recognised the fact that the traditional data demanding and registering system of databases in Hungary are behind the times, and there is a lag of a light-year in the field of data registering and demanding possibilities in comparison to that of Western Europe or North America.

A well serviceable digital archive may be put together for each researcher by concentrating the databases of genealogy the several thousand of researchers of this country possess.

With great respect do I invite you, and all our fellow researchers, who identify themselves with our initiative to bring about WEB Archive of Hungarian Genealogy, and are willing to back our proposals with their data and databases.

I very much hope that with time this database FORUM considering its magnitude and its being so well  ordered and authentic  will be able to accomplish the target announced.

Vásony Sándor
I. Introduction
II. Document archives - sources in Hungary

III. FORUM of Hungarian Genealogy
Dear Family-history Researcher, Dear Sir, or Madam!

I have saved your kind letter you had sent to my www.genealogia.hu WEB site during the past years. Unfortunately, I had no possibility to launch the FORUM service to this genealogy site uptill now.

I am happy to announce the new FORUM service we introduced in the past days. You can find it on the following address:


If you had your goals to research your family-history, and if you are still interested to put your questions to our FORUM, please visit this site, register, and enter your data.

If your problems were already solved, or you had lost your trust in us, please forgive us for this late opportunity.

This new FORUM offers entering and registering possibilities, and  way to enter your personal wish, your personal research tasks, and questions to the others. It also offers possibility for entering your results of your family-history.

It is our mutual benefit, it is for your interest as well to give exact information, to specify your e-mail, and to modify your e-mail address if it changed.

The FORUM(s) - at the beginning - is in Hungarian language. We are  working on the English version of course. May I ask your effort to register, and enter data even it is in Hungarian.

Advice for a novice in genealogy research

This is the FORUM where you can enter your family-history tasks, your questions, and the results concerning a given family. Always enter the family name as a new theme, clicking UJ TÉMA ikon. Every family name needs a new UJ TÉMA entry. How to use the FAMILY-History FORUM

Enter your questions here, opening a nem theme under this FORUM, clicking the UJ TÉMA icon, if you are not able to locate a town, or village, or any other place in the territory of the Greater-Hungary. 

This forum contains information about the old Hungarian educational institutes, boarding schools, grammar schools, universities, etc. This FORUM is thought to act as a lexicon, only the experts can contribute information to these schools. If you had any relevant information to a specific theme, school history, for example you know, where the "Matricula of the Varasdiens High Gymnasium" can be found presently, please do not hesitate to inform us. 

Enter your special family-history problem(s) and questions you has not been able to find the right answer. Somebody might help you.

IV. International research

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