Proffesional researchers and services in the field of Genealogy in Hungary

Ayshford Ltd

 Working community speaking English, with a background of experts undertakes Basic-research and/or History research in detail.

I. Basic-research, the task as follows

1.  Researching parish registers (of births, marriages and deaths books only of places within the borders of present Hungary on persons/families listed by the  Principal.  (Should that parish registers, or film copy not be available in Hungary, the agreement of principal will be needed to cover extra costs (such as travelling-, hotel-costs etc.), and these are to be paid on the bases of a special calculation.)

2. Researching information on printed collective sources referring to the family, (reviewing genealogical works, collections, lexicons, etc.)

3. Collect information of potential archive sources, and Archive Institutions where the family history material might be located about the family and persons in question.

4. Researching in the potential national censuses.

5. Costs of tanslation to English, if necessary (except the original documents).

As a result of this research, we accomplish the task by

-constructing an Essay on Family history, in which carrying out research of book of matrimonial is documented by listing books of parish registers,
-producing findings, and  handing them over in files,
-putting together family-tree of family members found,
-systematizing Data discovered, printed collected sources, and files,
-documenting the sources of collection expedient to examine,
-research whether any other researcher is doing research work on the family,
-preparing a schedule of a further and deep research, probable time claim, and expenses, in order to prepare a deep research.

(For exaple please refer to the sample  Essay on Family history about the Szadeczky family at

Please ask for  an agreement proposal with the conditions.

Further conditions: Research will not extend over researching civil registers, research of data after 1900, as well as over collecting data that violates personal rights.

We undertake to treat all data discovered while doing this research work as confidential, will not transfer any of them to unauthorized person, will not let such person look into them, of course.

II. Detailed historical research

Research to be carried out on data and relics of family-history, to be found in the period earlier then 1800 is called detailed historical research.

There are special requirements for such kind of research, which needs hundreds of hours to research,  this is the extra level. It is hard to say anything generally about the volume of this kind of  tasks.

After finishing the basic level survey, we generally prepare a plan for the further research needed or about the possibilities.